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Confidentiality & Privacy Policies

Confidentiality is taken very serious with medical and mental health information. Your personal health information will remain private and confidential unless you authorize a release of information in writing. San Diego Center for Neurofeedback works as a team and all members of the team uphold confidentiality, privacy, and HIPAA regulations. 

There are exceptions to confidentiality. These mean that information may be released without your authorization in order to protect consumers: 

  • Child abuse or Elder abuse
  • Danger to yourself or others
  • If a judge rules that I must give information despite confidentiality

California Online Privacy Protection Act

This Privacy Act protects your information online. Your personal identifying information is only gathered via this site if you contact Dr. Hilber for services and that is the information you choose to give via email, phone, or contact form. The personal information you choose to give is only used to return your contact, answer your questions, or set up an appointment. Please do not give detailed personal information via email or the contact form as that is not confidential. This website does gather general data via Google Analytics to determine the behavior and audience on the website, including the number of clicks to the site, demographic information, pages visited, and extent of time on each page. General data does not include your name or identifying information. This is in effect as of November 2013.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us at