Alpha-Theta Training

Most people know the benefits of massages. In addition to relieving physical tension and pain, massages can reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and more. What if we told you that neurofeedback can provide you with similar benefits, essentially giving your brain a relaxing "massage"? Alpha-Theta training, a form of neurofeedback, can provide you with the relief that you have been looking for!


Unresolved traumatic experiences, fears, and habits can trigger uncomfortable feelings and behaviors in many people. Alpha-Theta training targets these specific issues by allowing you to enjoy a deeply relaxed state, physically and mentally. While in this deeply relaxed state, traumatic memories can be safely processed, consciously or unconsciously. After Alpha-Theta training, these memories can be recalled without leading to uncomfortable feelings and behaviors.

Alpha-Theta training is typically introduced after ten sessions of infra-low frequency training have taken place. This gives you ample time to become familiar with the neurofeedback process. Once Alpha-Theta training has been introduced, you may continue to do some infra-low frequency training. Infra-low frequency training provides the initial physical calming and stabilization, while Alpha-Theta training provides you with the opportunity to process unresolved traumatic experiences.

When a person receives a massage, they are encouraged to close their eyes, listen to soothing music, and relax. During Alpha-Theta training, you will be encouraged to rest in a comfortable chair that reclines, and will be given an eye mask and headphones in order to block out external visual and auditory distractions. Calming sounds will be played through the headphones and will change as the brain sinks into a deeper state of relaxation. Over the course of thirty minutes, you may experience varying levels of relaxation as unprocessed memories rise to the surface. The desired effect of Alpha-Theta training is to leave you feeling deeply relaxed, refreshed, and alert.

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