Migraines & Headaches

Your head hurts. It feel like it's twisting, crushing, pounding, and it's hard to think. You have a headache. It may be a migraine and you may get them often, too often for you comfort.  It may even make you feel sick or affect your vision. It may be a tension headache and gets worse every time you feel stressed. Either way, Neurofeedback can help - why not take 30 minutes and get rid of that pounding headache today.

Neurofeedback, or EEG biofeedback, perspectives describe head pain as miscommunication or destabilization in the brain.  Your brain may be misfiring and pain is the result of this ineffective performance.  Or your brain may be destabilized and this causes your head to hurt due to the disregulated performance. 

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Neurofeedback may alleviate your migraines and headaches with better communication, stabilization, and efficient functioning in the brain.  Many times the migraine or headache may be relieved during your neurofeedback session itself. Over time neurofeedback can help your brain to correct the miscommunication and inefficient functioning in your brain and prevent headaches or migraines from occurring.  This may mean that you may be free of headaches or migraines, allowing you to use your brain for more important activities and your life.