Who is Brian?

brian othmer

brian othmer

(This is the first part of a three-blog post examining Brian and his family’s journey with neurofeedback.)

Who is Brian and why might you be interested in this story? Below is a real story that happened to a family with their child. That child’s name was Brian. Brian had multiple challenges, some of them severe. Everyday all over the world many parents experience a journey similar to Brian and his family. See if you can relate to some of what Brian’s family went through. Does any of it resonate with you or sound familiar?

Imagine if you will that you’ve got a child that seems a bit ‘different.’ Perhaps the child has their own way of doing things. They may be having problems in school, at home, or with their peers. They may be giving you a hard time, acting-out, are angry, or possibly even get physically aggressive.

You’ve tried everything you know to better your child’s situation but are at a loss. Your well-meaning friends have been of little help as their children are ‘normal.’ You are crest-fallen. You wonder, why did this happen to us? Out of desperation you seek professional help for your child’s problems.

In one of your numerous appointments with numerous child professionals, things go terribly bad. One of the professionals mistakenly points the finger at you. The implication is that your parenting is responsible for the child’s behavior. You are devastated by the allegation. You are even more devastated that professional help is not improving the situation with your child.

Brian’s story typifies an experience that far too many families face. In Brian’s case, his parents were able to find relief for his symptoms with neurofeedback. Brian’s behavioral issues for the most part went away with his neurofeedback training and he got a more ‘normal’ life. His family finally found the relief they sought. Next month we will explore in detail Brian’s challenges.

Jacob Murdock, M.A., Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern 99642

Reference: Othmer, S. (2013). Brian’s Legacy. Woodland Hills, CA: EEG Info.                                               Photo Credit: S. and S. Othmer


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