Neurofeedback and Changes in Symptoms

One of the many benefits of utilizing neurofeedback is the ability to visually track one's progress over the course of time. Neurofeedback treatment has an average duration of 20 to 40 sessions, and it can be challenging to recall what the severity of one's symptoms was prior to a neurofeedback session after several days have passed. By tracking changes in symptoms on a weekly basis, the client is able to visually register changes that have taken place as a result of neurofeedback. Unlike some forms of therapy, neurofeedback does not rely entirely on subjective reporting. Instead, each San Diego Center for Neurofeedback client is encouraged to rate their symptoms based on the level of severity following each neurofeedback session. Clients receive automated email messages the day after their sessions, and the responses provided by clients are reviewed by neurofeedback specialists prior to the next session. Clients are encouraged to rate their symptoms on a scale of 0 to 10 and submit their response within 24 hours. This enables San Diego Center for Neurofeedback specialists to modify treatments according to the current symptoms experienced by each client.


This is an example of what one might see over the course of time. In this example, symptoms are initially reported with a moderate to severe intensity. After several sessions, the tracking program clearly indicated a reduction in all symptoms. Individuals can also provide their subjective reports at the beginning of each neurofeedback session.

It is always exciting to see how quickly one's symptoms can improve with neurofeedback, and if you would like to see what our neurofeedback specialists can do for you, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule your first appointment!