Neurofeedback and Sleep

We know that sleep is a major factor in maintaining our general health.  For our mental health, sleep is essential.  So, how do so many people get by with sleeping poorly, waking up multiple times, having difficulty falling asleep, and generally not sleeping enough? 

In short, they don't. The longer story is that over time, the body compensates and adjusts to whatever sleep patterns they have, although there are negative affects to this.  The body and mind require sleep to rejuvenate, reorganize, refresh, and essentially recharge the batteries so when the necessary amount of sleep is lacking, the body is not functioning at it's best.  In fact, various parts of the body will start to lose efficient functioning such as the immune system and ability to concentrate.  Any time more stress is added, the body typically requires more sleep to recharge from the stress.  As most of you probably know, we experience some form of stress on a weekly basis.  That means sleep is extremely important.


Many people have tried all the suggested recommendations for sleep hygiene: have a bedtime routine, no electronics before bed, give yourself time to relax, write down worries or "To Do's" if your mind is racing, and so on.  So what do you do if you just cannot sleep? The easy answer is Neurofeedback.  In our experiences here at San Diego Center for Neurofeedback, sleep has been the first symptom to be decreased. Sometimes sleep changes after the first couple sessions!  Imagine  the energy, patience, and motivation you would have after a few great nights of sleep!

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 It may seem like Neurofeedback is magical, however it is not.  Your brain is very powerful and can learn to correct these sleep issues for you.  All you have to do is sit down and watch a video game.  Typically neurofeedback, or brain training, takes 20-40 sessions before your treatment is completed depending on the symptoms, issues, and unique brains.  During this time, the training is a slow and steady progress.  Like going to the gym, you notice that pants are fitting differently and that you feel better, but because it's training you don't see the actual changes being made.  Sometimes sleep issues are corrected within a few sessions and you may only need 10 sessions for lasting effects, other times sleep may need the typical amount of sessions. 

We can help you train your brain for better sleep today.  Why add stress and more hardship on your health?  Why wait?

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