Train your Brain for Optimal Health & Performance

Do I need to stop medications?

Neurofeedback will train your brain whether you are on or off medications or supplements. Please do not change or stop your medications without speaking to your physician. There are times where your dosage may be decreased or stopped due to better regulation in the brain from neurofeedback, but again please speak to your physician before making any changes.

Will Neurofeedback cure me?

Cure is a strong word and requires that there be a disease to fix. The Neurofeedback perspective illustrates that there is not a disease, but a dysregulation. Neurofeedback can teach the brain to regulate itself in this case, which may relieve your symptoms. Neurofeedback cannot change organic brain disorders, but may help the brain to function better.

 Will my insurance cover Neurofeedback? 

Insurance coverage varies with each plan, although the majority of insurance plans in this area do not cover biofeedback or neurofeedback services, based on their medical policies. The biofeedback code, 90901, is used when billing these neurofeedback services. We can provide Superbills and receipts with all the necessary information if you would like to request reimbursement from your insurance carrier and advocate for your or your family’s treatment. Payment is due at the time of service.

How many sessions are needed?

Every brain is unique and may require more or less sessions than the average.  This is dependent on various aspects, such as specific symptoms, brain functioning and learning, and severity of symptoms. However, research has shown that the average number of sessions is 20 for obvious changes. Follow up sessions are 45 minutes long and include 30 minutes of brain training. At that time, your brain can be reassessed for change and your clinician will determine if the average 20-40 sessions are best for your specific situations in order to have long-lasting changes.  For best results, brain training would take place at least twice a week.

Will there be any side effects? 

Since Neurofeedback is training the brain, there may be times where the brain becomes uncomfortable with how the training is occurring. Common negative effects include feeling sleepy, irritable, muscle twitches, and a dull pressure in the head. These can usually be changed within a few minutes during the same session. At times your sleep pattern can change and this can be modified at the next session as well.  Overall, brains typically do very well with neurofeedback with very few negative effects and these do not last. There may be many positive side effects and you may find that you look forward to your training.

Can I use my HSA or FSA Card?

Yes, we do accept HSA, FSA, and HRA cards and can provide a receipt and/or superbill for you. We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. We also accept SDCNF Gift Cards.

Will you put anything into my head?

No, the electrodes used in Neurofeedback are only used to read your brain waves. They measure and look at your EEG brain activity to provide moment-to-moment feedback to your brain, but does not put energy or electricity into your brain. 

Where can I find more research? 

Feel free to peruse this website to learn more about Neurofeedback and how San Diego Center for Neurofeedback can help you and your family. See the Resources page for links to other sites that offer more research as well.  

What is an AMFT or APCC?  What are the benefits of interns? 

SDCNF technicians are Master's Level clinicians who are Marriage & Family Therapy Associates and Professional Clinical Counselor Associates. They are pre-licensed therapists (AMFT) and counselors (APCC)  working under the direct supervision of a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and receive weekly supervision. They have already received a Master's degree with many hours of clinical training and experience and are trained to provide neurofeedback services. AMFT's and APCC's are approved by the Board of Behavioral Sciences. You benefit from an AMFT or APCC with more affordable services and receive feedback from several clinically trained providers at once.

How do I report my symptoms? 

You may be sent an email with a unique link to a page created specifically for you. There will be a list of symptoms your neurofeedback team has selected to track. Please rate your symptoms from 1-10, with 10 being the worst and press save.  It is best if you rate your symptoms the following day after a Neurofeedback session. Only your initials, date of birth, and email are used for symptom tracking to maintain confidentiality. However, there are still privacy limitations due to the online nature. Please inform us if you prefer not to use symptom tracking. Our technicians will also check in with you regarding any changes since your last treatment. You may use this link to login at any time: