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Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD) & Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is able to help children, teenagers, and adults who struggle with symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Individuals with ASD may have issues with emotional sensitivities, behavior dysregulation, and trouble reading social skills. The neurofeedback perspective demonstrates these symptoms as a dysregulated brain that can be corrected with brain training.

The dysregulation model of neurofeedback illustrates that the brain may have inconsistent performances, inability to calm down at the appropriate moments, and have difficulty transitioning between tasks. Individuals may shut down in some situations and find they cannot regulate in others. The destabilized brain may function at 60 mph and then fall to zero mph. This leads to inconsistent and uncomfortable behaviors.

Neurofeedback perspectives demonstrates the following issues of Autism Spectrum Disorders that can be adjusted with brain training: 

  • Social skills difficulties

  • Selective attention and focus

  • Emotional sensitivities

  • Flexibility with changing perspectives

  • Transitioning to different activities

  • Impulsive behaviors

  • Giving up, freezing, or becoming too frustrated

  • Behavior dysregulation

  • Self-esteem issues

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